Can the customer sign the document with his finger?

For the Autografus biometric digital signature to have legal validity, it is necessary to sign with a pen adapted to biometric writing on a tablet. The only specification that this pen should require is that it is compatible with the tablet in which it is going to be used. The reasons why signing with the finger is not advisable, is that the biometric data will be very different when it comes to signing, and the digital signature will be neither fluid nor exact, losing validity and the identifiable biometric trace.

What happens if a client claims that they have not signed the document?

The Autografus biometric digital signature system is a face-to-face and handwritten digital signature tool. To sign a document, the signer must physically interact with the tablet in question and leave biometric traces easily identifiable by the program. These data serve to verify the identity of the person signing any document. If necessary, said data can be exported and delivered to the appropriate person for analysis and identification of the signatory in question.

What if I run out of signatures and there are still days to renew them?

In case of exhausting the number of monthly signatures contracted with the Autografus biometric digital signature system, you can use the pack of 200 additional signatures per month that will allow you to continue enjoying the service until the next renewal of your contract. If this option is recurring in your case, we recommend expanding your subscription to the plan that most firms allow you to carry out per month for the convenience of your business.

How long are documents stored in the cloud?

In accordance with the European data protection law, the Autografus biometric digital signature system stores digitally signed documents for a minimum period of 5 years. Autografus has the necessary infrastructure to guarantee the availability of documents throughout this period of time, where and when you need them thanks to the cloud storage of all uploaded files.